Late night high double actions in decisive BIC game

The final, nocturnal game of my second BIC match against Eric Aries was marked by some interesting high cubes. We’re playing at my place on a Friday night (August 14, 2015) and we are keeping ourselves awake with coffee, dark chocolate, and dried fruits. A jazz music TV channel fills the room. The score is equal, 4-4, in a 11-point match.

Johan (Blue) vs Eric (White), 4-4 in a match to 11. Johan to play: cube action?

Pos. 1: Johan (Blue) vs Eric (White), 4-4 in an 11-point match. Johan to play: redouble to 4? Take/Pass?

In Position 1, I (playing blue) am pondering a redouble to 4. After some reflection, I decide to go for it: the prospect of closing my board in the next move or two is too hard to resist.

The temptation is a treacherous one, however: according to a rollout by GNU Backgammon, the redouble is way too early (0,144 blunder). Eric correctly takes. I fail to cover and Eric fails to hit.

Cube analysis
Rollout cubeless equity +0,264 (Money: +0,268)

Cubeful equities:
1. No double +0,512
2. Double, pass +1,000 ( +0,488)
3. Double, take +0,367 ( -0,144)
Proper cube action: No redouble, take (22,8%)

Pos. 2: Johan (Blue) vs Eric (white), 4-4 to 11 points. Eric on roll: cube action?

Pos. 2: Johan (Blue) vs Eric (white), 4-4 in an 11-point match. Eric on roll: redouble to 8? Take/Pass?

A few moves later, Position 2 arises, with Eric, playing White, on roll. The tide has turned and a redouble to 8 is in the air. Eric wants to go home (it’s after midnight already, it’s a one-hour drive from my place to his, and on Saturday morning he needs to get up early) and he turns the cube.

If I pass, I’m trailing 4-8 to 11 points: 7-away 3-away amounts to about 25% match winning chances, so my memory tells me after some effort. I guess that my chances to win the game are higher than that, so I take.

Both the redouble and the take turn out to be correct. My game winning chances with the cube frozen at 8 are about 29%.

Cube analysis
Rollout cubeless equity +0,428 (Money: +0,428)

Cubeful equities:
1. Double, take +0,812
2. Double, pass +1,000 ( +0,188)
3. No double +0,722 ( -0,090)
Proper cube action: Redouble, take

Despite some heroic attempts, my straggler does not make it home safely and gets closed out. A few minutes later, Eric wraps up the game and the match. The weekend can start.

— JS

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