Invitation General Assembly, Fri Dec 5, 2014

Dear backgammon friends, dear members of,

You’re most welcome at the yearly meeting on Friday the 5th of December 2014 at 18.00 hours in Tennis Club Longchamp, chaussée de Waterloo 836 – 1180 Brussels. The meeting will be followed at 19.45 hours by the monthly Brussels Friendly 44 tournament.

Program :

  • welcome speech by Guy Van Middelem & drink offered
  • report from Johan Segers concerning members & treasurership (creation of asbl/vzw
  • new regulations concerning membership 2015 (every player on the Bigelo rating list will be de facto member of a club and member à 10,- €)
  • report from Guy Van Middelem concerning 4 Cubes & BIC 2014
  • new regulations concerning the organisation of 4 Cubes & BIC 2015 (see annexes below ; entry-fee 4 Cubes 2015 is 25,- € per team, entry-fee BIC 2015 is 10,- € per player ; scheduled dates for 4 Cubes matches ; more play-offs in BIC 2015 allowing every player – even from D2 – to become Belgian champion)
  • contacts and affiliation to the EUBGF (European Backgammon Federation) (300,- € affiliation)
  • new organization chart for (founding members ; election of Board members – president (candidate : Guy Van Middelem), vice-president/secretary (candidate : Johan Segers), treasurer (candidate : Line Vandamme), tournament directors (candidate for 4 Cubes 2015 : Luc Palmans)
  • communication (website, mailings) and the Bigelo rating list
  • varia (we welcome any suggestion by mail beforehand)

New candidate Board members must declare by e-mail to Guy Van Middelem (

Hope to see you at this occasion, Guy Van Middelem


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