Paul Gilbertson and Paulus van Rooijen are the Masters of 2014

Dear all,

Last weekend (Jan 11-12, 2014) we played the Masters in Antwerp, Belgium. (See announcement.) I am very happy to send you the results.

We had 21 players in the Masters Group, they played 9 rounds of 9 point matches in a straight Swiss system.
1/2 Paul Gilbertson, Paulus van Rooijen (7 out of 9)
3/7 Rogier van Gemert, Michel Lamote, Walter Meuwis, Bert Van Kerckhove, Johan Segers (6 out of 9)

We also had 9 players in the Amateur Group, they played a round robin of 5 point matches and a final.
1. Cem Fidan 6 out of 8
2. Nabil Antoun 6 out of 8
3. George Voinea 5 out of 8
4. Louise Vellekoop 5 out of 8

You can see a professionally made photo series on

Paulus van Rooijen

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2 Responses to Paul Gilbertson and Paulus van Rooijen are the Masters of 2014

  1. Patrick De Wilde says:

    Congrats to Paulus and Paul, hope to be there next year.

  2. Johan says:

    Thank you, Paulus and Paul (Baeyens), for this wonderful event!

    Twelve players from the Bigelo rating list participated in the Masters group. Out of these twelve players, the five players with a rating of more than 1700 all had 6 or 7 wins out of 9 matches, while the seven players with a rating less than 1700 had fewer wins. Coincidence or not?

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