BIC 2013: Play-offs

Dear backgammon friends,

The round-robin of BIC 2013 has finished in time, at the end of September, as planned. You can find all results in ‘BIC results 2013‘ or on the online spreadsheet. I thank all the participants for their fair-play (I noted 0 rule problem) and enthousiasm to make appointments and meet each other for 5 best-of-five 11-point matches.

The semi-finals for the BIC title (to be played before 15/11) have been drawn at the Leuven club evening of September 27:

  • Geert Van der Stricht (home) against Paul Van Dijke (away)
  • Johan Segers (home) against Guy Van Middelem (away)

Both winners of each semi-final play the final. Both losers are joint 3rd of BIC 2013.

Final: Winner Geert/Paul (home) against winner Johan/Guy (away).

The play-offs for qualification to Division 1 of BIC 2014 (to be played before 15/11) have been drawn as well:

  • Patrick De Wilde (home) against Michel Lamote (away)
  • Walter Meuwis (home) against Maurits Pino (away)

Both winners qualify for Division 1 of BIC 2014.

Final, needed in case a player from Division 1 withdraws before the start of the competition: loser Patrick/Michel (home) against loser Walter/Maurits (away).

All matches are best-of-five 11 point matches.

PS: I expect Geert to invite Paul in Gent and Walter to invite Maurits in Hasselt but everybody is welcome in Leuven. Playing at the same time and at the same place is more fun. A good date to start with is Friday 18 October (3rd Friday), when Johan will meet Guy. Please give me info when you have some.

Wishing success to all of you,
Guy Van Middelem

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