Replay Matches World Championship Monte Carlo 2012

Below please find some matches played and recorded by the four Belgian players at the World Championship 2012 in Monte Carlo: Michel Lamote, Walter Meuwis, Luc Palmans, and Geert Van der Stricht.


  • Despite the extension *.txt, the files are in Jellyfish Match format. They can be opened and analyzed right away directly with GNU Backgammon, eXtreme gammon, and other software. Should you wish to obtain the files in GNU (*.sgf) or eXtreme gammon (*.xg) format, write to and I’ll send them to you — for security reasons, WordPress does not allow these file types for up- or download.
  • In the matches Van der Stricht vs. Natanzon and Van der Stricht vs. Ghodsi, illegal moves have been played.

Thank you to Michel, Walter, Luc and Geert for compiling these match records!


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