3rd Online Backgammon NATIONS CUP 2012 Invitation

Invitation to Belgium Backgammon Federation
to form Belgium national online backgammon team
to compete for 3rd Online Nations Cup
to be held on GridGammon online backgammon server

starting date Monday, 3rd September 2012

Tournament details: Notice of participation

Not later than one month before the start of the tournament, every national team that intends to participate must inform the organizer of its acceptance of the invitation. Number of players: 4 players, 1 reserve.

Teams are formed by players of same nationality or permanent residents representing their nation.

Each team shall have a captain, who may also be one of the players (or reserve).

  • Administrative supervision of the team
  • Liaison with the organizing authorities and Tournament Director.
  • Leadership of the team matches


Every National Team that has entered must notify the following details to the Tournament Director:

(a) name and surname of the team captain;
(b) name of each team member (one first name in full, initials of additional first names, surname);
(c) GridGammon nickname of the team captain and players (reserve)
(d) team captain and players (reserve) are required to submit a valid email address.
(e) fixed board order from table #1 player up to table #4 player

The fixed board order cannot be changed during the tournament.


Team Captain can replace any regular player each round with the reserve player. He must notify the Tournament Director of this before the scheduled match starts.

FEDERATION/ASSOCIATION of players can select the team based either on their ratings, national championships, ranking lists, qualifing tournaments or any method it deems  appropriate.

There will be no entry fee to this tournament.

System of Play

The contest shall take the form of a Swiss system tournament with fixed rules for pairings and random draw at the start of the tournament.

Matches to 11 points.

Thank you!

Leonardo Jerkovic, Tournament Director
aka dubrovnik

Tara Mendicino, Deputy Tournament Director
aka temsat

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  1. Johan says:

    Let’s try to do better than last year! Tournament website.

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