Registration for the 4 Cubes tournament 2012 is open

The 4 CubesThe 4 Cubes is the name of the Belgian backgammon interclub competition. As of 2012, it will be set up as a single round-robin between teams of 3 players or more. Teams can register until Sunday, January 29. The draw is to take place on the Brussels Friendly of February 3. For more information, check out the 4 Cubes webpage. The current holder of the 4 Cubes trophy and the title of Belgium’s Best Backgammon Club is Ghent.

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2 Responses to Registration for the 4 Cubes tournament 2012 is open

  1. Johan says:

    Bonjour Georges, il faut former une équipe d’à moins 3 personnes ou bien se joindre à une équipe existante. Où habites-tu ? D’après que je sache, il y aura des équipes de Bruges, Gand, Bruxelles, Louvain, et Hasselt.

  2. Stavrakis Georges says:

    J’aimerais m’inscrire pour le tournoi, comment dois-je m’y prendre?


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