BMS : 7 players wrap up BIC 2016 series.

In 2016, for the first time, players could have their matches validated for BMAB. That meant they would have to record ALL their matches, transcribe them, and make the videos and XG transcriptions available to BMS(BE) and BMAB.

The three best performances came from the three players who, in the past 4 years, have divided the 4 BIC titles among them. They played at Master Class 2 level :


MS2 14 x 13 : BIC 2016 PR Michel Lamote (EP 182)


MS2 14 x 11 : BIC 2016 PR Geert Van der Stricht (EP 154)


MS2 22 x 13  : BIC 2016 PR Walter Meuwis (EP 286)

Not too far behind is Johan Segers, who played at Master Class 3 level :

johan s

MS2 19 x 11 : BIC 2016 PR Johan Segers (EP 209)

Guy Van Middelem and Luc Palmans played at Advanced Class 2 level, whereas Maurits Pino only narrowly found an Advanced performance :


MS2 14 x 11 : BIC 2016 PR Guy Van Middelem (EP 154)


MS2 14 x 13 : BIC 2016 PR Luc Palmans (EP 182)


MS2 13 x 13 : BIC 2016 PR Maurits Pino (EP 169)

Congratulations to all players, who played to the best of their abilities and emerged with satisfactory results. Let us not forget that BIC is played over the course of a whole year in different settings. Sometimes players have to travel hours by train or car to go and play an away encounter at the home or club of their opponent. It is not easy to find consistency in that format.

Out of this batch of 80 matches, only 1 recording failure occurred. The 2nd match between Maurits Pino and Johan Huyck was incomplete and could not be validated. All other match recordings went flawlessly. Thank you to all players for their care in recording and transcribing the action.

In 2017, competitors in BIC can again apply for BMS and BMAB validation. Remember that you have to film ALL your matches and make the videos and XG files available to BMS and your opponent. For BMAB, processing fees have to be paid (50€). BMS(BE) validation is – as yet – free of charge, thanks to the dedicated voluntary work of BMS(BE) sympathizers.


(for : BMS Committee)




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