BMS : Geert and Guy wrap up BIC 2016 series.

Geert Van der Stricht (Gent BC) and Guy Van Middelem (Brugge BC) finished their 7 BIC encounters well within schedule. Here is how they did :

Geert won 10 of his 14 matches, but will not be allowed to promote to Division 1 due to a late entry. His performance in this BMAB-validated Master Series is of Master (Class 3) level, but fails to beat Walter Meuwis’s benchmark 5,17 performance :

BIC : Geert's PR (14 x 11)

BIC : Geert’s PR (14 x 11)

Guy has been playing at Advanced level for some time now, but is finding it hard to confidently cross into Expert territory (< 7,50 PR).  Guy won 8 and lost 6 of the fourteen 11-pointers :

BIC : Guy's PR (14 x 11)

BIC : Guy’s PR (14 x 11)


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